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LGB & T Services

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Speak To A Police LGBT Liaison Officer At MESMAC

Police LGBT BadgeWould you like to speak to a police officer in private about anything that is bothering you?  Northumbria Police in partnership with MESMAC North East are offering this service on regular dates. The officer will be in a private room and will be available to anyone who wants to talk to him about things that have happened to them, things that they’ve seen happening to others, current issues, past issues, things they’re worried about or anything else they may want to talk about. If this involves formal reporting for investigation purposes that’s fine, if its just concerns and service users don’t want the matter to be investigated that is also fine. It is a drop in so no appointment will be necessary though there may be a waiting time depending on how busy the service is. MESMAC North East also acts as a contact for the ARCH homophobic and transphobic hate crime reporting system where you can report incidents anonymously if you wish, or by giving full contact details if you want the matter followed up in some way. For more information on when you can speak to an officer call MESMAC 0191 233 1333 or email