Basic safer sex information is available in this section as well as info on STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and HIV. In addition, we have a downloadable booklet (click on the image to download) with information about safer sex for gay and bisexual men.

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These pages contain information about safer sex for gay & bisexual men. Don’t proceed if you think you’re likely to be offended!


Sex and You!

A lot of people question their sexuality at some point in their lives, for most it’s when we are teenagers but for others it can be at anytime during their lives. Sometimes people can be in a straight relationship and something might not feel right or something may even happen to make them question their sexuality. For that reason when talking about sex in this section we will cover some sex with women as well as sex with men.
Having a healthy sex life involves knowing what risks there are from STI’s to unplanned pregnancy to even the type of sex you have.
Sex means different things to different people, to some it’s not that important but, to others it can be a compulsion.
Knowing what sex you enjoy and the best ways to enjoy it are very important, not just for your body but also for your mind. Sexual frustration can be quite damaging so it’s important not to push it aside or to try to ignore it. Talk about it either with your partner, a trusted friend, your doctor, a sexual health advisor or a MESMAC worker.

A Safer Sex Plan

There are different ‘strategies’ people use when thinking about safer sex, from always carrying a condom to abstaining from sex altogether.
Whether single, with a partner, having multiple sex partners or abstaining, it’s always a good idea to have a safer sex plan. Think about it, talk to partners and negotiate what is going to work best for you.
The type of plan you might want to think about:
• Contact info for the nearest sexual health service.
• Where to get condoms and lubricant (lube).
• Where in a gay sauna the condoms and lube are located.
• Your nearest family planning clinic.
• Where to go for sexual health advice.
Always be aware that the affects of drugs and alcohol can seriously effect your judgment and can make safer sex difficult to achieve.
Whatever your situation try to enjoy a healthy sex life

A Loving Relationship

For most people, having a regular partner and love in our life is important. Finding and maintaining a healthy relationship however takes work and commitment. If you are having difficulty with relationships, whether you have a partner or can’t seem to find the relationship you want, it’s worth thinking about whether there are things you can improve upon to find what you want.
• Are you going to places to meet people such as groupsbars, clubs and saunas?
• Are you trying to mix with people as much as possible? Talking is the best way of getting to know someone!
• Do you have any off-putting habits or bad personal hygiene?
• Are you making the most of your appearance? Looking good through clothes and hairstyle can boost your confidence when it comes to attracting possible partners.

These are just a few tips.
Remember sex should be enjoyed, enjoy it but say no to anything you don’t want to do!

Newcastle Sexual Health Training Directory

If you work in Newcastle you can access a wide range of training through the Newcastle Sexual Health Training Directory (which can be viewed HERE).
Offering courses on sexual health and relationships issues, including:

◦ Self esteem for young men and young women
◦ Contraception
◦ Drugs, alcohol and sexual risk-taking
◦ HIV and STIs
◦ LGB and trans issues
◦ Supporting young people to resist pressure and delay early sex

You can apply for most of the courses on the directories main site (see details HERE for how to book).
Most of the courses are offered free to those working in Newcastle. If you work outside Newcastle, you can still attend most of the courses, but there will be a charge (see details in directory).
This training programme will develop your knowledge and skills and support you to explore your own attitudes and values, giving a strong foundation to the sexual health work that you do.  The courses use participative approaches encouraging reflection, sharing of experiences and providing you with a range of activities which you can use in your work with young people and adults.
The Newcastle Sexual Health Training Programme is coordinated by Harriet Yudkin in the Public Health Team, Newcastle City Council.  It is a partnership programme, delivered by skilled trainers from the following teams and organisations:
Changing Lives, MESMAC North East, Newcastle Hospitals Community Sexual Health Services, SCARPA, SHINE, Teenage Kicks (Newcastle Hospitals), Walker YMCA.

Contact the trainers

If you would like any further information, please contact:
Harriet Yudkin at  or call 0191 211 5527 (ext 25527 if calling internally) (Monday to Wednesday and alternate Thursdays only) or email .