We are a gay/bisexual men’s health project, offering FREE HIV tests, advice and information on many different health issues including PEP (Exposure to HIV Treatment), counselling, Sexual Health Services, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) and much more. We also provide services such as groups help line and drop in service. Our services are: lezbiyen porno

  • Open to all gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men, including those who are still unsure if they’re gay or bisexual.
  • For men who are HIV+, HIV-, or just don’t know.
  • Confidential.


There is currently a small step at the front entrance to the building of approximately 2 ¾ inches high. This opens into a wide area which provides sufficient space for a wheelchair to manoeuvre.
If you are a wheelchair user you may need assistance to enter the building,  a portable ramp can be provided. A member of staff will arrange to meet you at the entrance to the building at a specified time where required should you need it.
There is also an alternative side entrance which provides level access at the side of the building; again a pre-arranged appointment can be made to enable you to enter the premises via this entrance.
Alternatively, services can also be provided from alternative premises.


You can contact us for all kinds of information, such as how to meet other gay and bisexual men, the gay scene, and safer sex. We offer the chance to talk about things like coming out, relationships, sexual abuse, Police and legal issues, and being married. We have a large collection of leaflets and books about gay and bisexual issues which people can collect.



  • Groups (see below)
  • Sexual health advice
  • FREE HIV test
  • 1-2-1 Support
  • Outreach
  • Free condoms and lube
  • Hate Crime Reporting services
  • Drop in service (Thursdays)
  • Helpline with 24 hour answer machine
  • Training around homophobia, sexual health etc


MESMAC run 2 groups from our Newcastle office, the Gap Group which is for gay and bi young men and Rainbow Home (With Northern Lights -MCC) which is for LGBT Asylum Seekers. Many other LGBT groups meet at MESMAC and use our large meeting =space but only these 2 are ran by MESMAC.

GAP (Young gay and bisexual men’s group)
A fun, friendly and safe place to make friends, socialise and be yourself. Open to all young men aged 15 -19 who are (or think they may be) gay or bisexual. The group meets on a weekly basis, offering a safe space to discuss coming out, gay men and the law, HIV, safer sex, relationships. Social activities and trips out. Contact MESMAC North East by e-mailing  or call: 0191 233 1333. Find out more on our  Service page.

Rainbow Home is an LGBT Asylum Seekers Group run jointly by MESMAC North East and Northern Lights – MCC (Metropolitan Community Church). The group is a daytime social and support group for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people who are seeking asylum in the UK or who have not yet settled here. The group runs the 3rd Friday of the month. The group offers a safe space, integration, motivation, friendship, belonging, confidence, inspiration, a place to feel at home, a space for family and free vegetarian food. If you want to come along to the group please contact MESMAC on: 0191 2331333 or email  to talk first.

MESMAC (and SHINE) are proud to have been awarded ‘Your Welcome’ status, this means that we are a welcoming service to all people but in particular young people. We were awarded the Your Welcome status by local NHS representatives who work for the Department of Health. All young people are entitled to appropriate health services. The You’re Welcome quality criteria sets out principals to support health service providers to improve their services and be more young people friendly. The quality criteria cover ten areas:   1. Access  2. Publicity 3. Confidentiality and consent 4. Environment 5. Staff training, skills, attitudes and values 6. Joined-up working 7. Monitoring and evaluation, and involvement of young people 8. Health issues for young people 9. Sexual and reproductive health services 10. Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) How does a service achieve ‘You’re Welcome’ status? • Self assessment using the You’re Welcome self assessment toolkit • Involve young people in the evaluation of the service • Verification of the ‘Meets You’re Welcome’ self assessment • Award of the You’re Welcome quality mark by Dept of Health