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NHS North Tyneside – Engaging for Results

QuestionnaireNHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is currently running a project called “Engaging for Results.” The aim of the project is to help the CCG to build more effective, on-going relationships and dialogues with local people, groups, communities and other partners. The CCG recognises that it is important to talk to local people and involve them in its work to make sure that the health services it plans, develops and buys meet the needs of the people that will use them. It would like to know how you think it could build better relationships and dialogues, and how you think people could be more involved in the planning and development of local health services. The CCG will use this information to develop a plan to make this happen. The plan will be published later this year. There is an online questionnaire where you can give feedback. This can be found here: