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Hate Crime – Recognise It, Report It!

Hate CrimeHidden ‘scandal’ of LGB and T hate crime exposed. Fear of how they will be treated is leading to thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGB and T) not reporting hate crimes. As a result perpetrators are evading justice, a new report reveals. Evidence nationally suggests around 35,000 cases of hate crime committed against people because of their sexual orientation go unreported every year. The work is supported by GB governments and produced for the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The LGBT Fed is in partnership with 31 other LGBT Organisations in a major new campaign to raise awareness of LGB and T hate crime. The Fed will be delivering training on dealing with hate crime for individuals and for groups. Please let them have your details if you or your group would like to be part of this initiative. Contact The Fed:  The Press Release can be viewed HERE! The Hate Crime Report can be viewed HERE! For more information on Hate Crime and how to report it, please visit our Hate Crime page.