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Hate Crime Reporting

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Pride Radio New Look!

Pride Radio has launched a brand new website! The radio station is broadcast 24/7, 365/6 days a year and has 2 sister stations, Pride Radio 80’s and Pride Radio 90’s. The station is aimed at the LGBT communities but everybody is welcome to tune in. Pride Radio has a range of presenters and shows from the likes of station veterans Lee & Dotty, Ophelia B, Mr Gay UK Stuart Hatton Jr & co-host Mr Gay Ireland Nick Flanagan, TV personality and presenter of ‘MADE With Pride’ Peter Darrant & co-host and Northern Pride chairman Mark Nichols, radio veteran Richard Kell through to Steve G and the ‘MESMAC Feel Good Show’ and many more. Check out all the presenters on the new website: You can also download the FREE smartphone app to listen wherever you are in the world, the details of which are on the new website. ‘MADE With Pride’ is a TV/Radio show that is LGBT focused and is broadcast Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 10pm. The show is available on Pride Radio and the MADE TV network which has stations in Tyne & Wear, Leeds, Bristol and Cardiff.