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Hate Crime Reporting

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Northern Pride

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Sexual Health Services

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The MESMAC Newcastle Office

The MESMAC Office



MESMAC NORTH EAST has an office in central Newcastle. The team consists of two full-time community workers, two part time community workers,  one part-time group and outreach worker and three admin workers (two part time). These Posts are all fixed so we don’t take anyone on board unless we advertise.

SHINE (Sexual Health In Newcastle) a women’s sexual health service shares the office space. You can find out more about SHINE by visiting their website:




We provide services for people who live North of Tyne.
What does MESMAC offer?

  • Telephone information and support
  • One-to-one support
  • Groups
  • Free HIV Testing Service
  • Sexual health advice
  • Free condoms and lubricant
  • Drop-in services (Thursday 10am-5pm)
  • Hate Crime Reporting service
  • Outreach on Newcastle’s gay scene
  • Training and resources for professionals
  • All the services we offer are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.




Our meeting room is used by many LGBT groups these include:

  • GMT – Gay Men Tyneside
  • T & Coffee (Young Trans)
  • BE (Trans services)
  • Women 4 Women
  • GAP – Gay & Proud
  • Star Group
  • Parents Enquiry North East
  • Northern Frontrunners
  • Pride In Mind
  • Eyes Open




This is an established service that runs from MESMAC’S Newcastle office by appointment (Monday – Friday). 
The test is a simple finger prick test with a pre and post test discussion, and results within the hour. 
To make an appointment call MESMAC North East on: 0191 233 1333.
This service is run by MESMAC North East and is supervised by the New Croft Centre Sexual Health Clinic, Newcastle.




There is currently a small step at the front entrance to the building of approximately 2 ¾ inches high. This opens into a wide area which provides sufficient space for a wheelchair to manoeuvre.
If you are a wheelchair user you may need assistance to enter the building,  a portable ramp can be provided. A member of staff will arrange to meet you at the entrance to the building at a specified time where required should you need it.
There is also an alternative side entrance which provides level access at the side of the building; again a pre-arranged appointment can be made to enable you to enter the premises via this entrance.
Alternatively, services can also be provided from alternative premises.




We are located on the 3rd Floor of 11 Nelson Street, Newcastle. NE1 5AN.
This is right besides the Grainger Market, check the map below which enlarges when clicked.

Directions from MESMAC to New Croft Centre

Directions from MESMAC North East to New Croft Sexual Health Centre (click to enlarge)