Health and Safety Information

Our website promotes well-being and preparation in the community. Investigate services designed to give support for drug use issues, including guidance and aid for people seeking treatment. Discover critical knowledge and ideas for disaster preparedness, allowing people to confidently manage unforeseen situations.

Explore a range of health materials on topics ranging from sexual health to mental wellbeing. MESMAC Northeast is devoted to creating a secure and healthy environment for all members of the community by providing essential resources and assistance.

Substance Abuse Support

We provide support to persons battling with addiction in the community. If you are dealing with drug misuse concerns, we provide information about Newcastle organisations that offer counselling and support:

Northern Drug & Alcohol Services

Location: Plummer Court, Carliol Place, Newcastle.

Contact: 0191 206 1100


Location: 26 Esplanade, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, NE26 2AJ

Contact us at 0191 253 2127 for support including drug and alcohol advice and signposting.


Services: Advice, information, and help for drug difficulties.

Hours: Monday-Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m

Contact: 0191 261 4719.

These organisations provide confidential help targeted to personal requirements, as well as a secure location to begin the healing process.

Emergency Preparedness

Our dedicated section on emergency support provides essential information and services to help those confronting personal emergencies. Whether it's a mental health crisis, a risky diagnosis, or another urgent emergency, we advise you on what to do and where to go for support.

Our extensive resources include advice on how to contact emergency hotlines, seek immediate medical attention, and connect with support programmes suited to individual needs. We recognise the value of having access to timely and appropriate help at difficult times, and our emergency help section is designed for that.

Health Resources

In our safety resources area, we've assembled vital information to meet all of your safety needs. This offers important resources including contact information for local police departments, hate crime reporting systems around the North East, and support programmes for individuals impacted by domestic abuse.

We recognise the significance of feeling safe and supported in your surroundings, which is why we've compiled this collection of tools to help people take action against threats to their safety and well-being. Whether you need help or want to report an incident, has the information you need.