Newcastle Law Centre

Newcastle Law Centre, an independent charity founded in 1978, provides free legal assistance to those in the North East who cannot pay solicitors' fees and are not eligible for Legal Aid. The centre prioritises assisting the most vulnerable populations, such as the jobless, low-income persons, handicapped people, BME communities, refugees, asylum seekers, women, and children.

Newcastle Law Centre, which is funded by charity trusts, foundations, and Newcastle City Council, provides a variety of services aimed at making legal assistance more accessible. The centre aims to provide low-cost services to ensure that people in the Northeast may get professional legal help at a reasonable price.


Here are the specific services offered by Newcastle Law Centre:

  • Free legal help on housing concerns like eviction, homelessness, and housing degradation.
  • Assistance with job issues, such as wrongful dismissal, discrimination, and salary disputes.
  • Help with social benefits and immigration issues for refugees, asylum seekers, and others experiencing immigration obstacles.
  • Help with discrimination claims, offering legal advice and counsel to challenge discrimination based on race, gender, disability, or other characteristics.
  • Targeted assistance for marginalised populations, including BME communities, those with disabilities, refugees, asylum seekers, LGBT, women, and children.

Newcastle Law Centre is to provide professional legal advice and support to everyone in the North East, regardless of financial situation or background.

Help for the Community

Several services offered by Newcastle Law Centre may be very useful for LGBT people in Newcastle.

  • Discrimination Cases: LGBT people may encounter discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity in a variety of settings, including work, housing, and access to services. Newcastle Law Centre can offer legal advice and representation to oppose prejudice and protect the rights of LGBT people.
  • Housing Issues: they may suffer housing prejudice or issues such as homelessness or housing degradation. The Newcastle Law Centre provides free legal advice and support to address these difficulties, ensuring that LGBT people have access to safe and secure accommodation.
  • Immigration Advice: MESM who are refugees or asylum seekers may encounter special hurdles because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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