At MESMAC Northeast, we are committed to keeping you up to date on Newcastle's dynamic LGBT culture. From thrilling events to friendly establishments, we cover everything LGBT-related in the city. We've got you covered when it comes to the best nightlife locations, community events, and advocacy projects.

Our objective is to provide a location where you may stay connected, informed, and involved with Newcastle's varied and dynamic LGBT community. For people looking for specific locations and venues, our page contains a comprehensive directory of LGBT-friendly establishments around the city.

From pubs and clubs to community centres and support groups, Newcastle's LGBT scene has all you need to discover and explore.

Newcastle's LGBT Scene

Newcastle's LGBT community has a long and diversified history spanning several decades. While particular dates are difficult to pinpoint, the community has encountered both hardships and accomplishments on its path to acceptance and equality.

LGBT people in Newcastle have built supporting networks, created communal spaces, and organised advocacy campaigns to combat prejudice and increase visibility. From the beginnings of clandestine gatherings to the introduction of publicly LGBT-friendly places and events, the community has endured and prospered.

Newcastle now has a strong LGBT culture, with a variety of inclusive locations, events, and organisations that celebrate diversity and encourage togetherness.

Newcastle's LGBT culture thrives on inclusion, a strong community spirit, and a varied selection of events and locations. From bustling nightclubs to helpful communal spaces, the city provides a welcome climate in which people may freely express themselves and proudly celebrate their identity.

LGBT Venues

Explore Newcastle's lively LGBT culture by visiting these noteworthy pubs and clubs.

  • Number 52: Scotswood Road, NE4 7JB. The facility includes steam rooms, saunas, and a hydrotherapy pool.
  • Eazy: 8-10 Westmorland Road, NE1 4EG. A popular pub with regular drag shows and a spacious rooftop patio.
  • The Yard: 2 Scotswood Road, NE4 7JB. Newcastle's oldest homosexual club, with cabaret on Mondays and a dance bar upstairs.
  • Blonde Barrel: 5 Times Square, NE1 4EP. Stylish mixed bar providing meals starting at noon.
  • Powerhouse: 7-9 Westmorland Road, NE1 4EG. A popular club featuring regular chart-topping acts and a lively atmosphere.

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