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MESMAC outreach work involves a minimum of 2 workers going out to places where LGBT people go to meet each other, this is a variety of places including gay saunas, gay bars and clubs, and other more rural places. The aim of the outreach is to encourage people into using services such as MESMAC, other sexual health services, LGBT groups and venues. We wear t-shirts that identify us as workers and carry identification which is available for inspection should you feel you need to see it. At times we travel out into rural areas and use an assigned car to do this. We are often out giving people information and free condom packs.

MESMAC distribute LGBT information in the form of posters and leaflets at venues we visit, not just our own but those of other services and LGBT community projects/events. We visit the commercial gay scene every week where we restock the venues with MENvelopes (Condom and Lube packs), we also take this opportunity to replenish our information leaflet racks in the gay venues with our leaflets. Venues carrying our information in Newcastle are:

  • The Yard
  • The Bank
  • The Eagle
  • H2O Sauna
  • Number 52 Sauna


MESMAC offer information we have from the LGBT directory that we produce for workers across the North East region. We work with the SHINE project in Newcastle which is a women’s sexual Health Project to offer information and signposting to lesbian and bisexual women alongside the gay and bisexual men’s information and services that we offer. MESMAC work with the trans community, again offering information and signposting.

Number 52 Sauna




When we visit the gay saunas we are there to talk to customers about their sexual health, relationship issues, group and service information and any other questions we can help with. We can be found in the cafe area of Number 52 sauna and H2O sauna on weekday afternoons, please feel free to come over to us for a chat. If you would like to know which day we will be in either of the saunas, please just call us on: 0191 233 1333 and ask when the outreach workers are expected to be working in the saunas H2O Saunanext. We also deliver condoms and lubricant to the saunas on a weekly basis and also refresh leaflets and posters that are on display.



Pride Radio
MESMAC have a weekly show on Pride Radio NE every Thursday between 2-5pm. The ‘Feel Good Thursday’ Show is aimed toward the LGBT audience offering feel good music information chat and updates.
You can listen to Pride Radio by downloading the Pride Radio App in the App Store, through iTunes on your computer or through the Pride Radio website:




MESMAC workers are often asked to attend events where we can pass on information to the LGBT community and people who might require LGBT information, these events include:

If you would like to have MESMAC attend an event with an information stall, please either contact us by telephone on :0191 233 1333 or email us at: