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Why use condoms when having sex?


Condoms are still the most effective barrier to HIV and other STI’s during anal or vaginal sex. Condoms help prevent the transmission of most sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), for example HIV, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Herpes and Chlamydia.


Sensation and safety when using condoms.


Nobody has ever suggested that condoms are perfect, or that sex feels the same if you use them. Lots of men think that condoms are uncomfortable, can ruin the sensation or even interrupt the fun, but lots of men don’t find using condoms a problem at all. You may have heard about condoms splitting or not being strong enough, there is some truth in this. Condoms are not 100% safe. However, the main reason that condoms fail is because they are used wrongly, for example oil based lube is used, tearing them when opening the packet or they are put on incorrectly.


Which condoms are best?


It is best to look for condoms that carry a Kite mark or CE mark
Some brands you may be familiar with are: Pasante Regular, Boys Own Regular, Mates Natural, ID Skins and Durex have a large range of condoms. There are many different types of condoms for sale including Ribbed, Extra, Trim and Large, you may want to look for a condom that’s more suited to your needs, experiment and find the best type for you. We recommend that you use regular condoms for anal sex (as long as they carry the Kite or CE mark shown above) but some people feel the need to use Extra or Strong condoms (slightly thicker), this is entirely up to you. Regular condoms are widely available in gay bars, clubs and saunas throughout the North East. They are also available to 13-25 year olds at C Card outlets. There are also ranges of flavoured condoms available, these are recommended for use when having oral sex.


Keep it wrapped up!


One of the best ways you can improve your safer sex life is by spending a little time to get it right. Research suggests that when people have negative experiences with condoms it’s because they have been used wrongly. The following is a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your condom.
• Store your condoms in a cool place away from extreme temperatures as this can cause damage to the condom.
• Open the packet carefully to prevent damaging the condom (don’t rip it open with your teeth)
• Only put the condom on when your dick is hard, place the condom over the end of your dick with the roll on the outside. If you have a foreskin pull it back before covering the head of your dick with the condom.
• Use only 1 condom at a time, it’s unsafe to use one condom on top of another as this cases friction in the rubber making it easier to split.
• Don’t put lube on your dick before putting the condom on as this could cause the condom to slip off inside your partner.
• Squeeze the tip of the condom between your thumb and finger to expel the air.
• Holding the condom in place, carefully roll it down to the base of your dick. It might sound ridiculous but don’t try to cover your balls. Smooth the condom to get rid of any air bubbles.


Practice makes perfect


If you’re not very good with condoms or feel clumsy when putting them on, why not try practicing with them yourself? By making condoms a part of your sex play you will get used to them and might even find the condoms a turn on themselves. Take your time and follow the instructions step-by-step so you know what you are doing. You could also practice putting condoms on your partner, it’s another way of getting used to it and it can also be part of your foreplay. You should also use condoms on sex toys, not only does it keep them cleaner but it helps with the spread of STI’s, these should be changed regularly.



What is lube?


Lube (or lubricant) is available in small sachets, usually alongside condoms in the various venues mentioned earlier. It can also be bought in small bottles with a pump dispenser. Lube is made up of water-based ingredients and is put directly into the bum hole to make it easier for penetration to take place. Sometimes people use condoms for anal sex without any lube on them; apart from being painful this can also create other problems. The condom is more likely to rip, tear or slip off because of the increased friction. Having sex without lube greatly increases the chance of tears or cuts to the lining of the anus as well as tearing the condom.The most important thing to remember is DON’T USE ANY OIL BASED LUBRICANTS WITH CONDOMS, they weaken the condom within minutes and it may well split while having sex. If you’re about to have sex and you realise you have no water based lube, you should still never be tempted to use oil based or anything that has oil in it – it will make the condom useless. If there’s no other alternative you can use spit but it’s not ideal because it dries out quickly. There are many brands of water-based lube available. Some people like different types of lube because of the colour, consistency and sensation so just experiment until you find the one you’re happy with.


 How to put a condom on


• Spread plenty of water-based lube over the condom on your dick and on your partner’s anus or vagina. DON’T use Vaseline, massage oil or moisturiser – these make the condom weaker so they are more likely to split.
• While you’re having sex check occasionally that the condom is still in place, and use more lube if necessary.
• If your dick goes soft during sex, the condom might slip off so put your fingers round the base and this will help it stay put. If the condom does split or slip off during sex, then withdraw as soon as you find out.
• After cumming withdraw your dick before it goes limp (this can prevent leakage). Hold onto the base to make sure it doesn’t slip off.
• Dispose of the condom carefully in the bin NOT down the toilet as it could contain air and would be difficult to flush away.
• Always wash your hands with soap and warm water to remove any bacteria!MESMAC ‘MENvelope’ packs contain 2 condoms and 2 lube sachets.




The venues stocking the MENvelopes in Newcastle have supplies delivered every week.
If you don’t see packs on display, please ask staff as they often keep stock in storage.
The Newcastle venues supplied with MENvelope packs are: The Eagle. The Yard. The Bank. Number 52 Sauna. H2O Sauna.




You can also call into MESMAC Monday – Friday between 10am and 5pm to collect a personal supply of condoms, lube and flavoured condoms. MESMAC also has a supply of large, trim and non latex condoms you can collect (limited).




MESMAC North East purchase all stock from:
LTC Health Care , id Lubricants and Pasante