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Cheer Up! 18th of September.

Cheer Up ArtistsFriday the 18th of September, from 8pm to 4am the ‘Cheer Up’ love train will be pulling into Newcastle and heading to SR44 to bring you the very best of Stock Aitken Waterman / PWL / Love This. Taking you on a musical journey through the 80s and 90s Pop and Dance scene with artists like Kylie, Jason, Rick Astley, Bananarama, Sonia, Sybil, Lonnie Gordon, Steps, Scooch, Hazell Dean, Brother Beyond and many, many more. There will also be a couple of very special personal appearances from SPECIAL GUESTS SYBIL & SONIA!!! Tickets are priced at £12.50 each (inc booking fee) and money raised on the night will be donated to Pride Radio North East & Northern Pride. Tickets are on sale now: Check out the Cheer Up Facebook page: